Weile Yan
Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Weile Yan completed her undergraduate education in Environmental Engineering at the National University of Singapore in 2002. She obtained her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Lehigh University in 2011. Her current research is focused on the transformation of contaminants at solid-water interface and reactions catalyzed by earth-abundant materials in the aqueous environment. She enjoys travelling with her family and seeing different cultures. 

Yue Li.jpg

Yue (Beatrice) Li
Ph.D. student (2012 - Present)

Beatrice is studying iron-laden mineral colloids and their catalytic activity for aqueous contaminant transformation. She is interested in exploring the use of these humble yet reactive catalysts for water treatment and subsurface cleanup purposes. She likes to spend her free time exploring new recipes in the kitchen and tending her plants. 

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Syful Islam
M.S. Student (2016 - Present)

Syful Islam grew up in a small town in Bangladesh and moved to USA in 2007. He received B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from TTU. He joined Dr. Yan’s group in the CECE department in 2016. Syful is the current president of the Association of Bangladeshi Students and Scholars at TTU. He spend his leisure time playing cricket, football (soccer), or listening to good music. Syful is studying surface modification of commercial ZVI products for enhanced reactivity.  

Lakshmanan Somasundaram
Research Associate (2017 - present)

A recent graduate of M.S. in the Environmental Engineering program at TTU, Laks is an innovative and friendly person. His all time favorite is soccer ("soccer is my life" is what he said..), whether watching it on TV or playing on the field. He also enjoys studying match and chemistry. Laks is helping with the iron sulfidation and selective ion separation projects. 


Former Group Members

Yanlai Han.jpg
jon vue photo.jpg

Yanlai Han
Ph.D. student (graduated Aug 2016)
Current Position: Post-doc Fellow, USEPA

Yanlai's research focuses on transformation of chlorinated ethenes on abiotic surfaces, particularly, bimetallic and sulfur-modified iron materials for groundwater remediation applications. He is now working in the U.S. EPA studying nanoparticles fate and transport in surface waters. Yanlai's biggest hobby is cycling. He has cycled across the whole Texas with friends. His likes reading and his favorites are those by Agatha Cristie.  

Jon Vue
Undergraduate Researcher (2015 - 2017)

Jon has evaluated selective ion removal from brine water using surface-enhanced electrodialysis process. He is also testing the performance of iron catalysts for advanced oxidation applications. He enjoys being in the outdoors and doing activities such as hiking and canoeing. He also likes visiting other countries and learning about their culture.

Meghan Robertson
Undergraduate Researcher (2013 - 2015)
Current Position: ExxonMobil

Meghan studied the adsorption of aqueous iron onto silica and alumina nanoparticles to understand how reactive catalysts arise in natural systems. She also worked on outreach efforts to introduce EnvE basics to K-12 students. She penned and illustrated "Environmental Engineers Are Superheros", a collection of short stories for young audience to learn about what we (env. engineers) do. Along with researching, she has enjoyed mentoring for the honors college, being an officer for Chi Epsilon, and racing with the Tech Triathlon Team. 

Paul Swope
Undergraduate Researcher (2014-2015)

Paul examined selective ion removal from brine using surface-modified electrodialysis membrane. 

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Michael Yang TTU URC.jpg

Garret Bland
Undergraduate Researcher (2013-2014) 
Current Position: Graduate student, Carnegie Mellon University 

Garret studied enhanced aresnite removal from water using a hybrid oxidation-coagulation treatment. He co-authored a paper on the same topic. His current research focus is on development of passive sampling method for mercury-contaminated sites. Garret is starting his PhD in Fall 2017. 

Michael Yang
Undergraduate Researcher (2012-2013)
Current Position: CH2M Hill

Michael's project was on optimizing the synthesis of zero-valent iron nanoparticles. He co-authored a paper on this. He graduated from the MEnvE program at Texas Tech in 2016. Some of his hobbies are playing basket ball, watching movies, photography, and traveling.